This workshop draws on Macao documentation to be found in various archives in the Indian Ocean.

Session 1 will cover Macau’s role in the transoceanic transport routes of Chinese workers hired throughout the 19th century, through the traces that these circulations left in various archives in the Indian Ocean and in local cultural heritage.

Session 2 will take a closer look at Macau as a key connection between the Pacific and Indian oceans through documentation that evidence how the routes of contract workers from the 19th century directly connected the port of Macau to the Caribbean and South America, inserting this territory in extensive transoceanic networks.

Both sessions of this workshop offer participants the opportunity to follow the methodologies and conceptual bases of an investigation that crosses archive and ethnography, history and the present time, historical documents, and the sensory world of contemporary societies that translate centuries of maritime circulations.




DATES:   15  & 17  DEC  2021

TIME:     5pm – 7pm