Language issues are paramount to the research interests of the Centre, which conducts studies on a wide variety of linguistics topics concerning the Portuguese language, ranging from historical linguistics and language contact to studies of language acquisition, in a variety of settings in Asia and elsewhere. Three research nuclei involving teams of staff and postgraduate students are proactive in the areas of Portuguese Creoles and language contact, Second Language Acquisition, and Foreign Language Instruction and Learning. [more…]

Historical and Cultural Studies

Research conducted in these areas in the Centre concerns the history, demography and diverse facets of cultural exchange and manifestations in Macanese society, and in other parts of Asia where contacts occurred with the Portuguese. Current topics range from studies of the formation of the Luso-Asian population of Macau to studies concerned with the political and trade relations between Portuguese Macau and the surrounding countries. [more…]

Translation Studies

Research in this area in the Centre involves the areas of translation and interpretation in the Chinese-Portuguese interface, and wider issues of translation theory and practice. Current research topics concern cross-cultural pragmatics, the translation of metaphor, computerized translation and other digital applications in the translation sphere. [more…]