Brazilian scholar Professor João Cezar de Castro Rocha (invited speaker) will give a talk on his new theoretical paradigm, the poetics of emulation and anthropophagy. The talk followed by a Q &A and discussion session will be moderated by Prof. Raquel Abi-Sâmara (DPT-UM) and Prof. Matthew Gibson (DE-UM).


Non-hegemonic cultures face a common predicament: is it possible to identify a common strategy in dealing with the inevitable presence of foreign elements in the definition of one’s own intellectual and artistic identity? Poetics of emulation would be such common theoretical ground from which anthropophagy emerges. In this talk, this new theoretical paradigm will be presented.


João Cezar de Castro Rocha is Full Professor of Comparative Literature at State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and a researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, CNPq. Castro Rocha is a top scholar in Brazil in the last decades, with a very significant performance not only in academia but also in a wider context. He has received Distinguished Fellowships and Visiting Professorships from several institutions in the United States, Europe, China, and Latin America.

Castro Rocha is the author of 13 books and editor of more than 20 titles. His latest publications are: Guerra Cultural e Retórica do Ódio. Crônicas de um Brasil póspolítico (Goiâna, Editora Caminhos, 2021); Shakespearean Cultures. Latin America and the Challenge of Mimesis in Non-Hegemonic Circumstances (Michigan State University Press, 2019); Cultures Latino-américaines et Poétiques de l’Émulation: Littératures des Faubourgs du Monde?, among others.

The webinar is held in collaboration with FASB, Brazil, through Prof. Murilo Jardelino – co-organizer and moderator of previous webinars organized by CIELA.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH (Q&A session can also include participation in Portuguese)

DATE: 13.21.21

TIME: 8PM (China); 09am (Brazil); 12pm (Portugal)

ZOOM:      (Meeting ID:  992 6776 7347)

Organizer: CIELA / DPT