Luso-Afro-Asian Dialogues I

UM hosts interdisciplinary lectures to promote Luso-Afro-Asian dialogues The Research Centre for Luso-Asian Studies, under the Department of Portuguese, Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH), University of Macau (UM), recently organised three guest lectures and a public seminar under the title ‘Luso-Afro-Asian Dialogues’. The four events aim to provide an opportunity for students of Portuguese [...]

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4th Macanese Youth Meeting

Celebrating Macanese Cultural Heritage at UMAC Heritage at the table: Macanese Gastronomy in Portugal's Diaspora (talk by Marisa C. Gaspar, Universidade de Lisboa) To value or not to value a heritage language? The case of Patuá (talk by Mário P. Nunes, University of Macau) Date: 26 October 2018

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