The Research Centre for Luso-Asian Studies (CIELA) and the Chinese Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training Centre (CPC) and of FAH / UM, jointly organized the seminar “Methods of Language Documentation”.  This seminar which was comprised of 4 sessions (2h5  each) was given by Prof. Hugo Cardoso (University of Lisbon), and covered relevant basic theory and practices of this field. The seminar was offered as an open course to all postgraduate students and interested academic staff from research areas related to the subject.

Language documentation refers to the collection and treatment of language samples, be it for purposes of the preservation of knowledge, specific research agendas, the development of educational resources, or many others. The scope of purposes that the field encompasses was reflected in the diverse research interests held by the 45 participants: 39 postgraduate students and 6 academic staff,.

This course introduced essential tools and developed initial skills useful to carry out linguistic documentation. The course proved to be useful for students working specifically on documenting endangered and lesser known languages, as well as those doing research in SLA, Anthropology and Education, seeking to gain basic knowledge and practice regarding theories and methods of  language audio and video recording, data collection and archiving.

Date: 27 September and 3 October 2018