The Seminar on Language Annotation was a sequel to the Seminar on Language Documentation, held between 27th September and 03rd October 2018. The instructor was Dr. Patrícia Costa, from the Centre for Linguistics of the University of Lisbon. It provided an introduction to the methods of language documentation, namely in regarding to the use of ELAN and FLEx: two software packages designed, among other purposes, for linguistic annotation.

The seminar included a brief introduction to the methods and tools for linguistic documentation, followed by the presentation of key concepts and the annotation process of ELAN. Following this foundation, the functions which involve the use of both ELAN and FLEx were addressed and, finally, advanced level features and procedures were demonstrated. As with the previous Semninar, this one was also mainly attended by postgraduate students for Linguistics and Education.

Date: 26 – 28 November 2018