The semester event aimed to contribute to the stimulation of the Portuguese Department’s undergraduate students’ interest in cultural and social realities beyond China and Macau, as well as their general interest in reading, in Portuguese, specifically.

In this particular edition, attending students and staff were also introduced to the Libolo Project. Prof. Roberval Silva, accompanied by two UM students shared their experience as volunteers in a social project in Libolo, Angola. The project stemmed out from a research prject proposed by Prof. Carlos Figueiredo, of the Portuguese Department. The presentation enabled students to become acquainted with the social, cultural and linguistic realities of that region (part of the Lusophone world), as well as get first hand reports of what it is like to participate in such volunteer projects from two of their peers and one of their professors. Thus, also contributing to the students’ GE and whole learning experience.

Date: 28 November 2018