There are many ways of making poetry nowadays, but the one that mostly engages the new technologies of language is digital poetry. In  Poesia digital: teoria, história, antologias (Digital Poetry: Theory, History, Anthologies), Jorge Luiz Antonio presents a panorama of digital poetry history, from its origins, in 1959, until our days with the most advanced and creative innovations. The author shows how the resources of computer science, apparently cool and exact, can give new life to the universe of poetry when taking their producers and appreciators to the other artistic directions inside digital culture. For Jorge Luiz Antonio his Digital Poetry: Theory, History, Anthologies is a book that “studies a type of contemporary poetry in its relationship with the arts, design and computational technology, which is a continuation and an unfolding of avant-garde, concrete, visual, and experimental poetry”.

In this open online guest lecture, the invited speaker will share with the audience his profound knowledge of the subject matter, based on his extensive research and publications, with a special focus on digital poetry production in the Portuguese Speaking countries.



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